VOWEL shelf, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, Keisuke Kawase
VOWEL shelf, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016, Wallpaper, Keisuke Kawase

Carl Hansen & Søn involved DYAD mirrors as part of the “MILAN HOME” exhibition. Art direction by

Despina Curtis at Salone internazionale del Mobile 2017, Milan.


Hall 05 - Stand D 10 / Rho Fiera


Thanks to Carl Hansen & Søn and Despina Curtis, all of team

Carl Hansen & Søn involved DYAD mirrors as part of the “MILAN HOME” exhibition.

Despina Curtis

Nomination by Emma Olbers from greenhouse mentorship program 2017.


Thanks to Emma Olbers and Stockholm Furnture Fair

Emma Olbers

greenhouse mentorship program 2017.

Nomination Rising Star from Editor's Choice Award 2017.


Thanks to Stockholm Furnture Fair

Rising Star from Editor's Choice Award 2017.

Published on book (JP), DESIGNER'S FILE 2017.






#exploration      #material      #optimaized

#interrupted      #reflection&reflection      #echoes      #untrue&true

#coupled      #halves      #one-pair      #divided-diagonally-two-mirrors      #r

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#copper      #stainless-steel      #polished      #mirror-finish


#2017sff      #greenhouse      #showingscandinavia


Photographer's credit, Yoshihito Kagami


shelf & divider

#exploration      #material      #optimaized

#wooden-frame&panel      #bare-structure      #stackable-mechanism

#combine      #modular      #compact-scale      #free-standing      #reverse

#shelving-system      #room-divider      #storage-just-A4binders

#coffee-table-height      #topboard-tray

#beam      #wall      #temporary-vibes      #backstage      #disclosure

#2017sff      #greenhouse      #showingscandinavia


Photographer's credit, Yoshihito Kagami


coat stand

#exploration      #material      #optimaized

#straight-draw      #softly-details      #7hooks      #3hights      #2sectors      #adult&child

#space-saving      #entrance      #hallway      #rooms      #compact-fitting

#eyecatch      #circling      #hang      #garments

#marble-base      #stability      #stain-finishing-steel      #frictional-touch

#heavyweight      #lightweight

#2017sff      #greenhouse      #showingscandinavia


Photographer's credit, Yoshihito Kagami



Compact metal shelf can be multiple arranged from narrow to wide spaces

including on the wall, desk and floor.

The diagonal divider has role of both function and structure.

As the function, when you put things along the divider,

create about one and a half times depth, open and semi-closed,

front and back of two layer spaces.

A little fresh perspective and space show up by combining each pieces upside down.

The endless pieces are available to simple or complex by five colors.

The storage space make personal or massive by yours.

A shelf playing shelves, like verbal play to make a word with a combination of character.

VOWEL focused re-construction of own archive work.


Photographer's credit, Yoshihito Kagami, WOUD A/S


Prototype first shown at greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2016,

launched at Northmodern, Copenhagen / Formland, Herning / ShowUP, Amsterdam /

Oslo Design Fair, Oslo / Maison et Objet, Paris in same year.

Available from                     Denmark.




For meeting and public spaces, the rounded chair is half-upholstered finish.

Aim is comfort tactile with intimate eyes.

Separated shell have both same composition.

Each shell consist from two plates of upholstery and non-upholstery part.

One plate’s shape came from circle to square, and other is contrary.

As a result, upholstery part had a little bigger size than non-upholstery part.

The characteristics of this chair is basic standard yet uneven finished.

The rounded shape inspired by traffic circle in Sergels torg, Stockholm.


Thanks to Kvadrat

Photographer's credit, Yoshihito Kagami



floor lamp

Monotone shade part consist by bending once from a piece of brass sheet.

Mirrored finish inside have bare circular fluorescent lamp.

It take reflective light, effect is surface emitting.

The lower shape stand on the floor by point in order to swing sideways

and effective environment lighting on the floor.

Presented at the Check In exhibition during the Stockholm Design Week.


Photographer's credit, Ami Kohara



Exploring form in ambit of function and functionless.

Abstract object taking chair, stool and sometimes occasional table.

Your weight giving object.


Model, Heens-Hencefordge Bruce

Photographer's credit, Kyuhyung Cho


cabinet & divider

The structural dividers of this cabinet can be swiveled through different angles

to create your composition of open and semi-closed spaces

with a movement of silence.

The smaller units are like phrases of poetry that can be

blended together to create a larger melody.

Conventional cabinet walls and doors are displaced and transformed to create

an open structure with rotating dividers that support the entirety of the construction,

but at the same time provides a freedom for the user to adjust the unit to meet their needs.

By positioning the dividers at different angles, users can compose their

own storing and decorating system.

Stanza captures the shadows of imagination and encourages the time to

playfully and rhythmically create one’s own space.

Prototype shown as part of the Konstfack’s exhibition named “The Savage Mind”

at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during Salone internazionale del Mobile, Milan.


Photographer's credits, Yoshihito Kagami, Kyuhyung Cho,

Stefan Engblom & Aron Kullander-Ostling


Keisuke Kawase, design, interior architect, MFA, Konstfack, Sweden

Keisuke Kawase

Interior architect & Designer MFA


2012 Established Design Keisuke Kawase / Japan

2012 Interned at nendo inc. / Japan

2011 Interned at ryuji nakamura & associates co.,ltd. / Japan

2011 Graduated MFA, InSpace, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design / Sweden

2007 Graduated BA, Design department, Tama Art University / Japan

2006-04 Assistant of exhibition design, Swedish Style Tokyo, Embassy of Sweden / Japan



2011 MFA, InSpace, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design / Sweden

2007 BA, Design department, Tama Art University / Japan



2010 Mathsson Prize Scholarship for MA1, InSpace, Konstfack / Sweden

2006 The alumni association of Tama Art University / Japan



Portrait's credit, Stephanie Wiegner


Design Keisuke Kawase

Design Object Space

Keisuke Kawase


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